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If you need to capture a moment, launch your company or breathe new life into your business’s marketing drive, a picture speaks a thousand words. Mirror Imaging Photography prides itself on providing crisp, clean, vibrant promotional photographs that successfully sell your brand. Over the years, Mirror Imaging Photography has become one of the most experienced, active and prominent commercial photographers in Nottingham, Derby and the East Midlands. 

“Wow, you’ve really knocked these out of the park. Absolutely outstanding work!”


Commercial photography isn’t just a side-hussle to our successful wedding photography service, it’s a professional passion of Sarah’s to understand your working process, communicate that process through imagery and help elevate your enterprise. As such, Mirror Imaging has an accomplished commercial portfolio featuring every sized organisation across the UK, from small sole traders to huge PLC’s. They all receive Sarah’s exacting attention to detail and creative integrity. Whether you’re a well-established business therefore, or you’re just starting out from your kitchen table, we can help lift your business, project or event to the next level.

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    “There was only ever going to be one photographer for me, the best one in the Midlands. I loved every single one of the photos you took, and that’s a pretty amazing achievement given I hate having my photo taken. You took the brief and captured my business and style perfectly.”

    Emma, sassy blooms florists

    Brilliant commercial photography to make your business stand out from the crowd.

    In this visual-led social media age of Instagram and Facebook, your online presence is your shop window. Whereas marketing departments used to rely heavily on securing publicity, press editorial and advertising, businesses are now more in control of their own direct business-to-customer conversation. There’s a greater marketing opportunity than ever before to not only attract your ideal customer but also hold their attention, primed for your next product launch or press release. Maintaining customer loyalty is a combination of engaging words and, crucially, filling their newsfeed with eye-catching, aspirational photography they’ll want to continue to subscribe to.

    Perhaps your organisation is fortunate enough to not need an active social media presence? Nevertheless, a fast, impactful website is an absolute primary necessity for every business. With over 80% of consumers now using their mobile phones to access online products and services, making sure your website runs smoothly on a device, is SEO marketed effectively and has clear, bright, appealing imagery is the magical trifactor.

    “The East Midlands Conference Centre recommended Mirror Imaging Photography. On the evening Mirror Imaging blended in perfectly with our party and took some truly wonderful pictures. To say we were happy with the results would be an understatement. Sarah acted in a professional manner throughout and offered sound advice and support. We would absolutely recommend Mirror Imaging Photography to your company.”

    The Wilkins Family, Wilkins Group

    So what is commercial photography?

    Good commercial photography is timeless, with some of the most successful advertising campaigns featuring classic images we all remember. There must be an authenticity to commercial photography, without the excessive use of filters for example. The images can’t lie or misrepresent your product or service. With a few exceptions including black and white images, colours must be truly represented (at least tonally), especially if you’re selling products online. Crisp, clean images are important, even if they are extremely moody in atmosphere. Technically, they need to be competent and sharp in the right places, to allow for magazine and print publication. Finally, the best commercial images are dynamic, in that they invoke a mood, a sensation or absorb you further into the image.

    There’s a varied range of services that fall under the banner of commercial photography, which are described in more detail below. Some of the main areas we have experience in photographing are:

    • Event photography and corporate party photography
    • Food and drink photography
    • Property photography including interiors and external architecture
    • People photography including actor headshots and professional headshots
    • Working life photography, namely naturally-taken observational images of the working environment and people at work
    • Product photography, often used for ecommerce websites and instagram
    • Lifestyle photography, beautifully styled and photographed scenes that communicate a mood and the ethos of your business
    Work Life Photography

    Downloadable stock photography has three main limitations: It’s expensive, it’s duplicable by your competitors and it’s not authentically of your services, staff or activities. By contrast, bespoke ‘at work’ photography delivers a portfolio of images tailored to your marketing needs, giving you complete control and exclusivity over your visual branding. ‘At work’ photography is arguably becoming Mirror Imaging’s most popular service, providing your customer with a real insight into your working practices. As a collection of images it is hugely versatile, great for use on your website and providing multiple image options for ongoing social media posts. Sarah photographs your business activities on-site with minimal disruption, working quickly so you get the most out of our time with you. Plus, we’re available during the working week to fit in with your business hours.

    Prices from £495

    People & Headshots

    A professional portrait has proven appeal and is one of the first steps in introducing yourself and building trust in your brand. People love doing business with people, and a warm, open portrait allows for your clients to see you and makes you immediately more relatable. Mirror Imaging specialises in taking well-lit, flattering photographs with natural and genuine expressions, whether your preference is for formal, corporate headshots or a more relaxed editorial style that shows you amongst your business tools and surroundings.

    As well as business professionals, Sarah has also worked with actors, dancers, models and singers, who require a dynamic headshot for their lookbook and auditions.

    Prices from £95

    Products & Lifestyle Photography

    Lifestyle photography is a beautiful, natural type of photography that is applicable to so many different industries. It’s the sort of images that Sarah loves to create that portray moments in life, a scene, a mood or people interacting in order to promote a product or service. Lifestyle photography also encompasses anyone working away from the corporate world but still providing a marketable service they need to shout about, such as florists, writers, musicians and artists. It covers artisan producers and independent shops. Perhaps you’re a jewellery designer, boutique shop owner, cake-maker or beautician. Your photographs need to clearly show your products in an on-brand styled setting, as well as reflecting your person-to-person approach. 

    Prices from £195

    Property Photography

    Property photography is a broad umbrella title, which is relevant to a variety of professions. It can include your premises or shopfront, which is your first point of sale and how your customers identify and locate you. If you’re an architect or interior designer, we can provide a portfolio of your completed projects to showcase your work at its best, including both detailed images and wide angled photography for impact. Or if you’re an estate agent, property owner or landlord and have property you want to sell or rent, you may require bright, clean images to enhance the property’s appeal to prospective purchasers.

    Prices from £195

    Event Photography

    Over the years, Mirror Imaging has photographed corporate events and private parties from 20 to 1,200 guests. These events have included day-to-evening charitable fundraisers, university graduation balls, work anniversaries and of course, the traditional Christmas ‘do’! Over a decade’s experience has given us the speed and versatility to confidently cover a variety of corporate events and private parties. Working competently in both daylight and at night-time, we have a range of portable lights if needed to bring an extra dimension to your images. We always make a plan with you prior to your event so we know what to expect and when, which helps to ensure broad coverage and that we don’t miss the important bits!

    Prices from £395

    Food & Drink Photography

    Food and its presentation hold a special place Sarah’s heart, having once competed in Junior Masterchef when she was a teenager! Her keen eye for styling, love of good food and wine and understanding of cookery gives her a natural affinity with food photography. Sarah has developed an understanding on how best to light food and drink to make it enticing and appealing. She has photographed plated dishes on-site in bars and restaurants, created a substantial visual portfolio for food writers and bloggers, and worked with drink retailers, sometimes working remotely to the client to personally see the project from concept to completion. Often these projects require significant independent initiative, with clients entrusting us to find the location, source and arrange props, and Sarah taking on the role of both food and product stylist as well as photographer.

    Prices from £195

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