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Sarah Illingworth is a professional Nottingham wedding photographer with well over a decade’s experience covering weddings and events across the East Midlands. She has one simple objective: To take beautiful, genuine photographs that make you smile, laugh, move you or make you exclaim wow; a collection of timeless wedding photographs you love and are proud to show and share.

“Did I feel Mirror Imaging Photography went above and beyond on our wedding day? I don’t think I will be able to do justice to this question. The answer is without a doubt yes! They are the most beautiful collection of wedding photographs I have ever seen. Our wedding making it into an edition of Perfect Wedding Magazine says it all!”

Clare & Stefan

Sarah established Mirror Imaging Photography as a wedding photographer in Nottingham and Derby in 1998. Starting out with just a camera and a passion to be one of the best wedding photographers in Nottingham, Sarah has now photographed almost every type of wedding and event from small and intimate affairs to huge two-day celebrations, in the summer heat to the coldest of winter days. She’s been privileged to experience the nuptials of different faiths and cultures, and the merging of families from multicultural backgrounds. She’s worked with couples with a broad range of style preferences for their wedding photographs; those who love the traditional, opulent romance of a stately home wedding, to couples favouring alternative wedding photography in an edgy, urban setting, to couples who opt for high-society luxury. She’s photographed weddings for couples who love to laugh and banter together and for those who are more reserved. Sarah has also proudly photographed same-sex weddings and gay weddings and she offers a warm and inclusive service for all. Getting to know you and your personalities, how you best relate to one another and express your love, and helping you relax and look your best is all part of producing gorgeous, natural wedding photography, which is why we include a pre-wedding photoshoot in our most popular wedding photography package.

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Over the last twelve years Sarah has built up a consistently excellent reputation as a Nottingham photographer. She’s known for her personal approach, her crisp, clean wedding photography and her adept use of light at all times of the year. She has garnered a large number of national and county wedding magazine editorial features of both styled wedding photoshoots and real couples’ natural wedding photography. Mirror Imaging is proud to be recommended wedding photographers in Nottingham by esteemed wedding industry colleagues and by several prestigious wedding venues.

Mirror Imaging’s couples have often shared Sarah’s love of art, design and beautiful wedding photography. Sometimes we find we have even more in common than this. You can find out more about Sarah, not only as your wedding photographer Nottingham but also a little about her life and loves as the person behind the camera, on the About Me page.

When you first begin planning your wedding day, choosing the right wedding photographer from amongst a range of alternative wedding photographers may be a daunting task. It requires balancing a beautiful portfolio you love with the right wedding photography Nottingham prices. That initial connection between you and your wedding photographer is so important to help you choose someone with kindness and empathy.

We absolutely loved having you as our wedding photographers. Thank you for making us feel so relaxed and comfortable with you and for making us laugh so much.”

Vanessa & Adam

Nottingham’s finest wedding photographer

A good place to start in choosing Mirror Imaging Photography from amongst other Nottingham and derby wedding photographers is to read the statements below and see if they feel true for you:

  • Perhaps you don’t think you look that great in photos (everyone that Sarah has photographed has said this!) and you have some trepidation about being in front of the camera. You want a wedding photographer who understands this and makes you feel comfortable. It can be anxiety-provoking for even confident people to think about having their photograph professionally taken. Sarah tries to take the pressure off you. She’ll encourage you to focus on each other and your loved ones, and the moment you’re in, rather than the camera. Sarah works quietly, calmly and takes multiple shots that allows her to choose the most poignant, meaningful moment.
  • You want to feel relaxed with natural wedding photography; no gimmicky poses or forced smiles. Sarah won’t ever ask the groomsmen to pick up the bride in a line up, for example, or awkwardly force a joke. She approaches a wedding with both an observational, documentary eye and some gentle guidance where needed. You get to dictate how much she’s involved.
  • You want colours that are vibrantly true to life with a selection of black and white images that are crisp and defined. You don’t want fake photoshop effects, artificial skies or over-processed, sludgy brown tones that slavishly follow instagram fashions – in ten years they’ll look as aged and dated as spot colouring or sepia. Whether you prefer a low-light, candlit, beautifully moody vibe to your wedding photographs or light, bright and lovely is your thing, the edit of your images should be classic and timeless, which is what Mirror Imaging always strives for. Each of the images is personally hand edited by Sarah, which takes time and effort. She doesn’t batch process your wedding images.
  • Whoever said the camera never lies was so wrong! The truth is that harsh light and expensive lenses in the wrong hands can be brutal and more unflattering than the human eye sees in the flesh. After making an effort to look your best, you want to look that way in your wedding photographs. Namely, gently flattering images that are well-lit with sympathetic post-production, without being skin-smoothed to oblivion! You would appreciate a wedding photographer who works hard to get that balance just right.
  • You recognise the cheapest wedding photographer isn’t necessarily the best option for you but want to feel that you’ve received good quality and attentive service for wedding photographers Nottingham prices.
  • You’re marrying the love of your life, whatever their gender.
  • Memories mean everything to you.

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