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Family Photographer Nottingham

Life goes so fast; blink and the years have flown by. Children seem to grow up so quickly and, before you know it, they’re at secondary school or moving away to university. So many people don’t take the time to properly photograph themselves and their loved ones, or there’s always one person missing from the image who’s either in charge of taking the photo, or never quite feels photo-ready to include themselves.

As the lives of the couples whose weddings we’ve captured have progressed and moved forward, Mirror Imaging has often had the privilege of sharing some steps of the journey with them, such as promotions, graduations and baby’s first big smiles. Taking that time out to record a moment in life is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and the people you love.

Relaxed family photoshoots are perfect for recording precious moments and milestones with the minimum of stress or fuss.

In the 1990’s, high street studio photography was all the rage. You would jump around an all-white setting in front of the camera and, afterwards, purchase eye-wateringly expensive canvas prints you weren’t sure you liked! Mirror Imaging has evolved this dated approach to become natural and observational in style.

Family photography encompasses:

  • Maternity and pregnancy photoshoots
  • Family portraits and groups
  • Baby photography
  • Pet photography

Our family photoshoots are held outdoors, in a favourite park or public space, or in your own home or garden, using mainly daylight. We’ll help pre-prepare you for your family photoshoot, advising on the best things to wear and any items to bring along.

Your family photographer based in Nottingham

It’s been Sarah’s experience over the years that children can freeze when they are in front of a huge lighting set-up, but playing outside instead brings out their real characters and a sense of fun. In fact, children, adults and animals alike always seem to respond better to being amongst nature or in their familiar surroundings. It is these locations, rather than a formal studio space, that makes it much easier to capture the sincere interactions and bring out the natural personality in each of your family members. Sarah believes having your photograph taken this way is more enjoyable, which equals more cherished photographs.

Maternity Photography

You can feel all the emotions when you’re pregnant: Powerful, feminine, nurturing, strong and vulnerable. This huge disruption to your body can make you feel simultaneously less confident and some days more beautiful. It is a momentous time in your life and worthy of photographing. However, choosing a photographer with empathy and who you can trust is more important than ever. Understanding posing of the female form is vital too. With the right environment, preparation and photographer, maternity photoshoots can be great fun and a wonderful mood boost, with the results a true reflection of your own inner goddess!

Prices from £195

Baby Photography

Sarah always opts to hold these very personal photoshoots in your own home, so your baby is kept warm and happy. The focus of your photoshoot will be mainly on your baby, incorporating a few images of you as a family if desired. The direction of the photoshoot is generally always dictated to by your baby’s mood and needs, and we try to remain sensitive to their disposition. Whilst we come armed with ideas, we won’t force any pose or position. They will inevitably tire after a while of being photographed! We have been known to continue photographing after they’ve fallen asleep, resulting in some favourite images. Regarding newborns, our approach is very different to a studio newborn photographer, with different results. We won’t hold, swaddle or pose your baby. Whilst a newborn’s facial expressions may not yet have fully developed and, as their parent, you’re probably feeling pretty tired, it can still be a very poignant time you want to record in a quiet, unobtrusive way. We will encourage you to hold and interact with them with smiles and eye contact, to keep them feeling secure and supported.

Prices from £195

Family Photography

Mirror Imaging has photographed every generation and size of family groups, so you can be reassured we can rise to the challenge, whether there’s two or twenty of you. As much as group photographs require posing, of course, years of experience enables us to achieve more natural expressions and a pleasing formation when we bring you all together.

Prices from £195

Pet Photography

Your best furry friend deserves their own portrait (or should we say paw-trait!). As a fellow animal lover who is both a dog and cat person, Sarah loves nothing more than an assignment to photograph our four-legged family members. In her spare time, she still draws dogs and cats in pencil, and adores their energy and humour. We’ll photograph your pet amongst nature or in their own surroundings for the happiest and most stress-free experience. Treats and toys may need to be on hand for the best expressions. Apart from that, patience, persistence and a lot of love is what helps capture their individual character.

Prices from £95

Click the link below to view some of Sarah’s favourite photographs from previous family, baby and maternity and pet photoshoots.

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