Spirit and Soul

Sarah and her team at Spirit and Soul provide equine assisted therapeutic services and interactive learning opportunities with horses. They help promote positive mental health and wellbeing in humans, and provide team/personal development experiences. In addition to their existing charity work, Sarah offers an individual, bespoke service to clients. She contacted Mirror Imaging to provide a series of images to help expand this side of her business. Her brief was to capture some natural portraits of her, the essence of the horses, their individual character and connection with her, and the sense of freedom in the surroundings they live in. As well as Rupert the dog, of course.

All of Sarah’s horses are rescues and have been loved and rehabilitated from their past experiences. Their energies are now balanced, calm and affectionate, and they get to happily live out their days in Sarah’s paddock. I can testify to time in their company being medicine for the soul!

Natural, engaging portraits and equestrian photography