Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions thoroughly. ‘Sarah Illingworth t/a Mirror Imaging Photography’ is referred to as ‘Mirror Imaging’ or ‘We’ or ‘Us’ or ‘the Photographer’ and The Client is referred to as ‘You’.


Please refer to Mirror Imaging’s quotation email to you for your specific package chosen, agreed hourly rate and if a booking fee is required. A link to these Terms and Conditions is provided in the quotation email and your booking confirmation is your agreement and compliance with the Terms and Conditions unless otherwise stated in writing. Any booking fees / deposits are non refundable and deducted (in full) from the total price. Payment is due within 14 days of the coverage date. A link to a viewing gallery will be provided upon completion of the images, however full-resolution digital files will only be despatched when payment is received in full. There will be a £25 charge per 7 days of late payment. All payments are non refundable.

Events – A written itinerary will be provided for all event bookings. There is a non-refundable deposit due to secure your date, as stated in your quotation email. In the event of non-payment, the date reserved will become available again and, should we receive a booking enquiry, we may allocate the date to another booking. If hours are exceeded at the event beyond the pre-agreed timings then the overtime is chargeable in half hourly increments at the pre-agreed rate per hour. Please note the half hourly rate is chargeable irrespective of whether it’s by an extra ten minutes or the full half hour. 

Small Business Package – ‘Small business’ refers to sold traders or partnerships with a maximum of three individuals. For businesses with more employees, or if you require a greater number of photographs then Bespoke Business Coverage applies. Travel fees may apply. Choose from the following options: 15 final images (up to and not exceeding 2 hours attendance), 30 final images (up to and not exceeding 3 hours attendance), 60 final images (up to and not exceeding 4 hours attendance). A minimum £50 non-refundable deposit is due to secure your booking. If hours are exceeded beyond the pre-agreed small business package, then the project may be upgraded to the next package level.

Bespoke Business Coverage – A minimum £100 non-refundable deposit is due to secure your booking, this may be higher if booking longer hours or your location is further away. Overtime is chargeable in half hourly increments at the pre-agreed rate per hour. Please note the half hourly rate is chargeable irrespective of whether it’s by an extra ten minutes or the full half hour. Travel time is charged at 25% hourly rate.


Only cancellations in writing can be accepted. In the event that you cancel the contract by giving written notice the booking fee / deposit shall be forfeited but may be date transferable at the Photographer’s discretion.


Travel mileage and time may apply and will be detailed in Mirror Imaging’s quotation email. All other expenses, e.g parking, public transport and hotel accommodation, are charged at cost (if required).


We shall be the exclusive photographer for your booking or event, unless pre-agreed in writing. We reserve the right to kindly request persons obstructing photography to refrain from doing so. We will not be held responsible for the lack of coverage caused by other suppliers, guests, or personnel not being on time, not being present, or otherwise interfering with or restricting the Photographer’s duty. We will not be held responsible for your chosen venue having restrictions that prevent images being taken or restricting the way that photographs are taken or equipment used. We will not be held responsible for images and photography sessions being disrupted or affected by adverse or unfavourable weather conditions.

We will endeavor wherever possible to provide requested images and compositions; however we cannot absolutely guarantee any specific image nor incorporate any specific background or group arrangement. We shall be granted artistic license in relation to the poses photographed and the locations used. Our judgement regarding locations, poses and number of photographs taken shall be deemed correct. We will not be held responsible for customer disappointment of images as long as they are technically acceptable and we will face no liability.

The transferral of digital images will be made via WeTransfer or Dropbox. Mirror Imaging Photography operates independently of Dropbox and WeTransfer and is not responsible for any delays or damage caused by their websites and systems failure, nor is the Photographer responsible for insufficient memory on your computer to store your images, or failure to download your photographs.

We reserve the right to substitute photographers to take photographs at your event in the event of illness. If we are unable to fulfil the role of photographer on the day due to any unforeseen circumstances, equipment damage, loss or theft, or in the unlikely event of total photographic failure, a full re-fund of any monies paid will be offered but no further liability will be sought with respect to agreement. In any event, we shall not be liable for any amount in excess of the total sum due to be paid before your booking.


The 1988 Copyright Act assigns the copyright to the Photographer. It is contrary to the Act to copy, or allow to be copied, any photographs covered by this contract. Previews and Proofs remain the property of the Photographer unless otherwise specifically contracted in writing.  Digital files remain the property of the Photographer and shall normally be kept by her for not less than 3 years from the booking date. All images will be provided as full resolution digital files in JPG format, and where required as resized digital files for social media (usually 1200 pixels wide). Unedited RAW files will not be supplied.

You have a license to use these images to fully promote your business in print, advertising, competitions, online etc. This license excludes editing the colour, tone or light finish on the image, e.g. filters, and excludes providing or reselling the images for the promotion of any business other than your own. If any external party would like images, you must obtain written permission from the Photographer.


We reserve the right to use your images for any form of advertising for promotional purposes. Web-based promotion, brochures, galleries, competitions apply.


Whenever images taken by or on behalf of Mirror Imaging have not been paid for, whether they have been indirectly obtained or directly gifted by the Photographer, and you wish to post the images online or use in any printed format, a full and clear credit must always and every time be given to Mirror Imaging Photography, with the accompanying link to our social media page or website. Failure to do so may result in us seeking financial compensation.


We seek to provide a pleasing colour balance, however due to technical processing we cannot guarantee exact colour matching. Clients should be aware that colour dyes in photography may fade or discolour over a period of time due to inherent quality of dyes and insufficient care and preservation of prints. All prints need to be kept at room temperature away from direct heat and sunlight as these factors may reduce the life of your images. We will not be liable therefore for degradation of images due to poor handling and insufficient care.  

We cannot be responsible for print selection errors whether re-prints or print orders. We will not be held responsible for postal services delays or for damage of albums and prints that were dispatched undamaged. All re-orders shall be treated as an extension of this contract. No responsibility for error will be accepted unless orders are given in writing. All re-orders must be paid for in full prior to dispatch. In the event that you wish to return any products we request these are adequately packaged as they were despatched in their original packaging and either returned in person or sent by Special Delivery. Proof of posting does not constitute proof of return. If returned items are lost or damaged we reserve the right to invoice the full value of the prints.


Any complaints should first be raised with us in writing within 21 days from receipt of the photographic gallery. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and will endeavour to resolve all reasonable complaints fairly.