Julie Poulter Interior Design

Photographing Julie’s diverse portfolio of work, for both domestic and commercial clients, so she can illustrate the transformations on her website and win over new clients. Far from being just about the fabrics and wallpaper, Julie is more accurately an ‘interiors renovator’ sometimes pulling down walls and putting in larger windows to create more space and light. This requires us to capture an overview of the interior, as well as the specific details that make all the difference. The play of light is particularly important, which necessitates the balancing out of ambient light with daylight in the final images. We often work around Julie’s clients’ schedules, which sometimes means photographing commercial premises during work times with the minimum of disruption and equipment. As well as Julie’s professional portfolio, we are building a visual business profile for her, including dynamic portraits, ‘at work’ images and recording her charity work.

Bespoke interiors photography & business profile