Extra Special Touch

Heidi’s embroidery company began with her natural-born love for period fashion, machine embroidery and a background in the textile trade. She creates Victoriana-esque embroidered wedding accessories for couples who share her style. Her small business has gone from strength to strength since she started in 2009. Heidi knows the importance of social media to her brand, as well as needing to share more of who she is and her working life, so she got in touch to have Mirror Imaging Photography take some bright and beautiful images of her in her home-studio space. Needless to say, her customers have loved getting to know the warm, friendly, creative face behind the brand. Heidi recently posted her top nine most popular Instagram posts from 2018 — four out of the nine best performing posts of the whole year were our images of her and the studio.

We’ve subsequently been asked to take some refresher images in Extra Special Touch’s new studio space, in honour of the business’s 10th Birthday, as well as styled lifestyle images of their new floral embroidered range for their online shop.

‘behind the scenes’ photography for growing textiles business